Choose additional treats for your meeting day:

Organic coffee/tea and pastry (sweet or savoury) 12,50€ /person
Sweet or savoury pastry 8 €/person
All day coffee/tea in the coffee lounge 6 €/person
Half day coffee/tea in the coffee lounge 4 €/person
Hotel breakfast 15 € /person
Meeting lunch 20 €/ person
Biscuit selection (at least 3 different biscuits) 4,50 € /person
Large butter croissant with marmalade 6 € /person
Large butter croissant with tomato and mozzarella 8 € /person
Sandwich 8 € /person
Cake of the day 8 € /person
Layer cake cream (min. 10 persons) 7,50 € / person
Layer cake berry mousse (min. 10 persons) 8,50 € /person

All day fruits 10 €/person
Sliced fruits 7,50 € /person
Smoothie 2dl 5 € /person
Orange juice 3 €/person
Energyshot 4 cl 3,50 € / person
Nuts mix (ca. 1dl/person) 4,50 € / person
Piper´s chips 40g bag 4,50 €
Pick-and-mix candy or chocolate (ca. 1dl/person) 4 €/ person
Take Away -bag (incl. sandwich, fruit, juice) 12 € /person
Organic coffee/tea, table served 4 € /person
Organic coffee/tea, with menu 3,50€ /person
Prosecco 39 €/btl
Champagne 86 €/btl
Soft drinks 0,5l 4,50 €/btl
Catering to the conference room 40 €

Please inform us of any special diets latest 3 weekdays before the event. We will charge the event based on the number of participants confirmed latest 3 weekdays before the event (please note our cancellation policy). We reserve the right to changes.


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    Meeting/training/negotiationCongressExhibition/fairRecreational dayCustomer eventCorporate functionDinnerChristmas partyOther

    Required services

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    Morning coffeeLunchAfternoon coffeeDinnerAdditional activitiesAccommodationFunction space only

    Extra catering

    Coffee non stopFruitsSoft drinks


    Table format

    Required technique

    All meeting packages include: meeting room, meeting host services, data projector, screen, flip chart, pens, notepads and broadband internet connection (Wifi / LAN).

    Required technique

    Audio systemMicrophoneRegistration tableInterpretation systemGuest computer

    The number of teamwork rooms

    10 teamwork rooms


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    Amount of twin rooms

    Additional activities

    DinnerWork welfare

    Additional information

    Other information and special requests e.g. conference room

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