Hotel Sveitsi was awarded The Green Key certificate on 13 February 2019. We are proud to receive The Green Key award – an international standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry.

The Green Key certified hotels, hostels, campsites, cottage villages and other accommodation providers are deeply committed to making tourism sustainable. In our daily operations at Hotel Sveitsi, we pay special attention to such environmental practices as, among others, sustainable energy and water consumption, waste reduction and recycling, and use of eco-labelled detergents and paper. We are also committed to offering our guests local, vegetable and organic produce on our menu, eco-friendly transportation and variety of activities in the beautiful Finnish nature surrounding our hotel. Finally, an important part of The Green Key awarded hotel’s tasks is to increase the environmental awareness of both our staff and our guests.

In addition to receiving the internationally recognized Green Key award, accommodation providers and tourism operators are guided and supported by The Green Key program in their environmental work and related communication. The Green Key has been internationally awarded since 1994, with Finland receiving its first awards in 2015. There are now more than 90 Green Key environmentally certified tourism operators in Finland. Globally, Green Key operates in 58 different countries and has recognized more than 3,000 destinations.

At Hotel Sveitsi we are committed to building sustainable tourism together with our guests

We commit to reducing water consumption

To reduce water consumption in Hotel Sveitsi kitchen, our team committed to more sustainable practices, such as for example avoiding unnecessary use of the dishwasher and using a cooling fridge instead of cold water to cool the food items. These practices have been highlighted in our kitchen signage and instructions. We also encourage our guests to enjoy one of the purest tap waters in the world instead of bottled water.

We commit to reducing food waste

To reduce food waste and the hotel’s environmental impact our team closely monitors food wastage and finds ways to minimize it. As an example, we recently switched to smaller plates and created items for our Lobby Bar that are not only tasty but preserve better.

We commit to reducing general waste and increasing recycling

To reduce general waste and increase recycling, our team now pays even more attention to waste management, waste handling and daily sorting of recyclable waste. This way we can directly impact the amount of waste going to the landfill as well as decrease landfill chemicalization. We have optimized our rubbish bins to match each type of waste. In addition, sorting and waste management is part of every team member’s orientation and training.

We commit to providing eco-friendly activities

To promote eco-friendly activities, our team is happy to encourage our guests to enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature of Hotel Sveitsi and many eco-friendly activities in the area. Our guests are most welcome to rent bicycles and e-scooters.

We commit to sustainable purchasing and operating

To operate sustainably, our team is fully committed to source and purchase responsibly in order to manage the consumption of raw materials and energy, and to reduce waste. For example, our reception and restaurant team members’ uniforms are produced sustainably and our housekeeping partner SOL Palvelut is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel eco-certificate. Our guests can also enjoy charging their electric car on the hotel premises.

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