Hyvinkää City´s swimming center, which is operating in connection with the hotel, is open with special arrangements.

At the swimming center, according to the results obtained on March 20, 2024, deviations have been observed in the water quality of the women’s shower facilities and the sauna. An amount of legionella bacteria exceeding the limit has been found.
Additional measurements will be made after the repair works, and the results will be communicated as soon as we receive more information.

The facilities are opened for swimmers in such a way that women’s and men’s  are having swimming shifts every other day.
Children under school age can swim in the company of an adult.

Women’s swimming shifts:  2.4., 4.4., 6.4., 8.4., 10.4., 12.4., 14.4., 16.4., 18.4., 20.4., 22.4., 26.4. etc.
Men’s swimming shifts: 3.4., 5.4., 7.4., 9.4, 11.4, 13.4., 15.4, 17.4., 19.4., 21.4., 23.4., 25.4. etc.

Hotel Sveitsi apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the situation.


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